Saturday, 25 August 2012

MCITP Training

MCITP Training is often taken by people wishing to gain their certificate; some people study on their own with the help of DVD's and books while others join institutes. Regardless of the method chosen, a typical MCITP training course package should consist of video tutorials, virtual labs and practice exams which can be accessed through the Microsoft website.
MCITP Training courses are specialized and customized by tutors who have previously passed the exam and hold their own MCITP certificates. So it's safe to say that they are knowledgeable about the subject and know what is required so that each of their students can succeed. Each MCITP exam is met with a set of uniquely prepared study material. Each exam will usually have around 10 training videos that focus on the skills and knowledge required so that you can pass the exam. Virtual labs are extremely beneficial as they give you practical experience of the tasks that you may see in your exam. And like with the GCSE's there are also mock exams which are usually done for the purpose of studying in order to see how you would do on the real exam.
The reason why so many pursue a Microsoft Certificate is because of the prestige associated with it, not to mention the high salary. Statistics provided by Microsoft have shown that as much as 63% of Human Resource managers agree that certified employees are more productive on the job compared to other IT workers. Additionally, 43% of the employees that have recently received their certificate have found an increase in their income.
The salaries of Microsoft Certified IT Professionals are amongst the highest reported incomes within the IT Industry. Employment in the industry is on a decline but this doesn't stop Microsoft Certified IT Professionals from still being in high demand and to be among the first candidates to be hired for a potential job. As mentioned earlier, it is a great program to get into and could lead to a satisfying and financially rewarding computing career
We won't leave you stranded and having to find an online training ground. There are plenty of websites that offer MCITP Training, however we have compiled what we believe to be a list of the most 'bang for your buck' list. These websites below have high quality training materials and their candidates have a high success in passing their MCITP Certification after using their training courses.

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