Saturday, 11 January 2014

6 Week Industrial Training from SSDN Technologies

Say you are pursuing the final year of MCA, what is your next aim. You certainly would like to take a high rank in the IT industry. Well, students of the present generation have the same goal – to establish themselves as a prominent software developer. But what is the basic requirement for this? It is a professional industrial training.

6 week industrial training in Gurgaon program is delivered by SSDN Technologies. This program enhances possibility of employment of the IT students in the software development market. Different technologies are involved in the software world about which students need to have a complete understanding of it. Through this industrial training students learn different kinds of technologies.

What can you learn from the industrial training?

A complete grooming of the students takes place in this training program. The candidates form different teams each of which is assigned by a separate project. Initially, you will start with the easy projects and then the projects will gradually become complex. Training of core programming concepts is included in the 6 week training program.

In the beginning, the projects will be of 15 to 30 days but the final project will take around 2 months and this will be difficult. 6 month industrial training in Delhi NCR is designed to make the students learn every concept in a short period of time.

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