Friday, 5 February 2016

3 Trendy Digital Marketing Skills Required To Stay Ahead in the Competition

The advent of digital marketing has radically transformed the way companies conduct their businesses. Gone are the days when an annual meeting was enough for discussing the marketing budget and strategy for the entire year. In today’s ever changing environment, organizations need to constantly keep up with the trends, modify plans, and acquire new skills, if they want to maintain their edge. Here’s a quick round up of the 3 trendy skills each digital marketing team must have:

1.      Data Analytics

Most organizations would agree that they are inundated with a large amount of customer data, ranging from, purchase history, to web behavior, testimonials, and much more. The need of the hour is to develop skills for tapping the true potential of such data for having a better understanding of customer requirements as well as driving agile & effective marketing campaigns.

2.      Social Engagement

Social media serves as a great platform to listen, respond, and interact with the target audience. It is also a great resource for receiving honest feedbacks and opinions about the brand. It has now become imperative for marketers to engage on social media sites for sharing content, building traffic, and garnering loyalty of existing & potential customers.  

3.      A Perfect Blend of Soft & Technical Skills

A basic understanding of coding and video production can go a long way in facilitating better communication with the technical teams. Add to that, a range of soft skills, such as, team spirit, friendliness, & flexibility, and the marketing team is fully equipped to produce the most precise results that customers want.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other skills which are paramount for successful digital marketing, such as SEO, conversion rate optimization, data visualization, and many more. Considering the cut-throat competition prevailing in the market, it is important for organizations to ensure that their teams are fully adept with these latest tactics of the digital space.

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