Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Process of Becoming a Certified XenApp Professional

Everything in the world today is connected by machines. The world has become a global village and many companies have tried to make optimum use of this development. Citrix Corporation, as we all know, rolled out Xenapp6 which an application virtualization and delivery product is enabling the clients to interface. In simpler words, it merely extends the desktop session of Microsoft users, using HDX protocol.

With recent developments, many powerful houses are beginning to grasp the power and potential that is embedded in virtualization. Studies have shown that as of today, any big company, if not equipped with this latest professional knowhow, stands to lose a lot. Virtualization simply strives to centralize many systems under a remote server where individual enterprises could use them for processing tasks.

Citrix XenApp Certification Training India has emerged for the increasing number of users.  SSDN Technologies is famed to have highly qualified and experienced trainers who make sure that their trainees are put under the scope and minutely observed for how they operate sophisticated applications like this. With time, Citrix XenApp Certification India has become a lot less troublesome than before mainly because of the fact that there are so many training centers like SSDN Technologies coming up along with the increased awareness of such applications especially in the corporate world.

The comprehensive training courses for XenApp consist of:

·         In depth studies of the various facets of the term virtualization.
·         Scalability offered in XenApp desktops.
·         XenApp desktop delivery optimization and so on.
They also cover the latest virtualization ideas that are afloat in the market.

XenApp editions:

Since it came into being, many editions of the XenApp have been rolled out. These are:       
Fundamentals - This is the most simple of all without requiring any professional help for installation.
    Enterprise- This allows for more enriched application streaming, delivery and memory optimization.

     Platinum- This version includes everything the previous two versions had to offer but additionally, it also includes other features like branch optimization, secure application access etc. This is sure to require professional training before use.

Citrix XenApp Corporate Training India makes sure that the candidate is equipped with the     knowledge of the latest XenApp edition and all institutes recommend that they are aware of the following too:

·        Work experience in active directory and group policy.
·        Work experience in enterprise database server.

Basic knowledge in what was previously known as terminal services i.e., remote desktop services.

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