Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Configure Outlook for Gmail account in Office 2013

Hi All,
Today we will discuss how to configure outlook. Outlook have lot of feature through which it make easy to send and receiving mail to one person or either you are doing same with bulk of users. It can also hold offline copy of your mails, now let see how we can configure it in step by step procedures.

Step:-1 Go to control panel

Step:2  Now go to search box right most upper side type mail.

Step: 3 Now Select on Mail >add>

Step: 4 Type here your name (Naveenkhatana)>Click on OK.

Step: 5 Now Select on Manual setup or additional server types>Now click on next button.

Step: 6 Now Select on POP or IMAP > click on next button.

Step: 7 Now fill the details.

Your Name: Here you have to type your Name
Email Address: Type here your Gmail id

Account Type: Select here POP3
Incoming mail server: Type here pop.gmail.com
Outgoing mail sever (SMTP): Type here smtp.gmail.com

User Name:    Here you have to type your Gmail id
Password:    Here you have to type your current password that you are using to access your Gmail id

Step :8   Now click on More setting.

Step: 9 click on Outgoing Sever >select my outgoing server (smtp) requires authentication.

Step: 10 Now click on Advance button >select this server require an encrypted connection (SSL) >define the 587 In Outgoing server (SMTP)>select the auto option in use the following type of encrypted connection >then uncheck the remove from server after 14 days >click on ok button.

Step:11 Now click on Test Account Setting  if you want to test your account setting is  going in right direction or not >after you get passed  your test setting then close your test console.

Step: 12 Now come back to your setting and click next >click on finish.

Step: 13 Now go to your outlook and click on Send And Received button.

Now I hope so you configured your Gmail account in your outlook.

If you have any doubt do let me know I will fell more than happy to assist you.
Thanks for your valuable time.

Written by Naveen Khatana

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