Sunday, 11 October 2015

Linux 7: A budget friendly choice!!!

Linux 7 is a mind-blowing open source operating platform that offers a wonderful chance to the customers and business with the capabilities, features and tools that are pretty essential to collaborate, innovate and create solutions across very authentic, cloud based virtual environment.Like the previous versions, Linux 7 is extremely easy to download, and free to distributions. 

This operating platform will effectively publish all the security errata and bug fixes publicly to offer greater flexibility and choice. It is provided with better performance and scalability. At system administration, it offers a variety of unified management tools and rich system-wide resources for management that will be quite helpful in reducing the administration burden.

What’s new in this?

The most desirable feature about the operating system is its low susceptibility to malware infestations and virus. It is truly like a blessing for all those who are using Windows for a long time. This will provide the user a chance to enjoy a great downloading and surfing experience with constantly updating anti-virus software that will keep on scanning the computer every so often.

The techno-brains of SSDN Technologies are one of the best operating system that is absolutely free and is offered by multiple source distribution. It is a better and more budget friendly solution for those who are not willing to invest in expensive operating systems such as Mac OS and Windows. 

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