Thursday, 21 April 2016

Grow faster your Linux experience with Red Hat Certified System Administrator Course

This RHCSA course guides, student or professional to become the Linux System administrators. After finishing this course, the successfully passed students will be responsible for smooth operation and expert monitoring of the Linux systems and its utility. This course improves your knowledge and skill in the areas of Linux system administration and deployment activities in different scenarios. All Red Hat products will be included in this learning course.

An RHCSA completed IT personnel professionally, will be able to perform the job of core system administrator in the environments of Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. But, all the credential will be earned after successfully passing the RHCSA Exam (EX200).To gain the RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) certification, the student or professional must pass EX200, a hands-on lab exam with duration 3.5 hours. The candidate has to score minimum 210 out of 300to pass this exam. There is no prerequisite required for this exam, but Red Hat recommends inexperienced students to take Red Hat courses in RH124 or RH135.

What will you gain from this RHCSA course?

An RHCSA expert  can understand and use essential tools and tactics for managing Linux OS,  files, command-lines, directories and documentation.  These tactics include starting and stopping virtual machines, booting into different run levels, identifying proper processes and controlling various system services.

You will be able to configure local storage disk using partitions and logical volumes and also will be able to expertise in configuration of different file systems and attribute such as authentications, access control lists, encryption and network file systems.

Performing various software installations and managing various users and groups, with a centralized directory available for authentication or security, including configuration of the firewall and SELinux will be great advantages.

You will be more mature in handling Linux server activities with your present as well as newly gained knowledge from RHCSA course. This course will put you on an advanced position in your career regarding command lines and software installations. So ultimately, promotional opportunities will be there for you, in your professional competition.

Online Study Opportunities available here

If you won’t be able to appear physically in this course, then you can have our teaching through proper video made by our professional teacher of RHCSA (Red Hat Certified System Administrator). So, you have multiple opportunities to achieve this certificate.

SSDN Technologies is there, to carry you towards your achievement of a RHCSA certificate.

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