Wednesday, 11 May 2016

VMware NSX is the best Network Virtualization platform for Software-Defined Data Center

VMware NSX is the one of the best network virtualization systems for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). NSX provides networking and security based functionality that is well controlled by networking engineers. It provides the operative virtual machine for networking and security system and enables the ability for IT to improve the speed of business transactions.

Overview of Security system

At SSDN Technologies, you will learn well about how VMware assists in increasing security, decrease costs and respond faster to customer requirements. Along with security tightening activity, faster processing of client PC’s request is one of the best advantages of VMware.

Important function of NSX

Combining Networking platform with Software

The NSX virtual network is assisting huge nos. of clients about the full potential utility of a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). NSX combines networking platform with software with flexibility.

Reduce Network Provisioning Time

NSX makes a huge difference in provision time for entire networks in software from weeks to few seconds. This time reduction is possible by abstracting virtual networks from the physical network. Also, through automation of operational activity, network operators can perform faster deployment and better agility (reducing network provision time), during flexible running of any network hardware.

Seamless Processing of Workloads

NSX processes or moves virtual machines and networking security systems seamlessly by avoiding any interruption to the active application. This is possible by enabling active data centers and immediate disaster recovery options.

Enables Network Micro-segmentation

NSX brings security inside the data center with automated, fine-grained policies tied to the virtual machines. It enables micro-segmentation to significantly reduce the lateral spread of threats inside the data center. By making network micro-segmentation operationally feasible, NSX brings an inherently better security model to the data center.

Integration with other Products

NSX provides a flexible platform for integration of industry’s famous networking and security solutions into the Software Defined Data Center. The third-party products can deploy automatically and adapt dynamically as required for changing conditions in the datacenter due to strong integration with the NSX platform.

More Advantages for Customer by NSX

Reduction of Cost: reduces both CapEx and OpEx with automation that skips manual configuration and streamlines network hardware requisition..

Choice: It is operational on any hypervisor or any network system, and integrates with any cloud system.

Why Training is required for VMware Networking engineer?

An untrained VMware Networking engineer can do lots of mistakes such as error may occur in integration of networking platform with Software, reduction of provision time or integration with third-party product.

In order to avoid such error prone works, one VMware Networking engineers must need proper training from an expert training center. And, also for higher job opportunity in networking field, VMware NSX certification can help in increasing the salary and designation due to higher skill, knowledge and responsibility. 

SSDN Technologies is the best training platform for providing your required VMware NSX knowledge and certification. Hope it will be a bigger milestone in your Networking Career.

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